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Paid search campaign that led to a 147% increase in leads in less than 3 months

Client Overview

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Preferred Glass and Windows is a glass provider company in Southern California with over 50 years of experience. They are a well known business in their area, but they lacked the digital presence that they needed. 

Ascentive Digital partnered with Preferred Glass and Windows to create a targeted search campaign to increase traffic to their business and be in front of any customer that is looking for their services online.

Our Approach

We identified an opportunity to optimize and create a seamless experience for the customer who's looking for that specific service down from the keyword searched online to the ad clicked, then leading to a relevant landing page designed to get the customer to convert. 

To increase lead volume while maintaining a low cost per lead, we concentrated on creating a highly targeting search campaign with ad segmentation in mind. The results we received were fairly impressive.

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Our results speak for itself

Here are real numbers from our clients marketing campaign we achieved in 3 months:


Monthly Qualified Leads


Increase in conversion rate


Reduction in overall cost per lead


During the month of May 2020, Preferred Glass and Windows experienced their highest volume of leads to date. They received 132 phone calls that month to their business with a very modest ad spend. This is a report from CallRail, a third party tool that we use to record all incoming phone calls we generate for our clients. By recording and listening to each phone call, this will allow us to further optimize our marketing efforts as well with helping our clients reach and exceed their ROI.

This month was by far their greatest month in terms of digital growth. For that month, their ROAS (return on ad spend) was $3.21. Meaning for every dollar they spent in PPC advertising, they got $3.21 in profit. Not bad for advertising we would say.

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