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How Low Cost Pet Vaccines increased monthly revenue by 60%

Client Overview


In early 2022, Ascentive Digital took over Pay-per-click advertising management for Low Cost Pet Vaccines, a pet vaccine company in Southern California.

They were spending close to $10,000 per month with pay per click advertising, and were not happy with their current Google ads performance. 

LCPV felt like they had everything going for them in their business and only needed that one missing piece of the puzzle so their business can fully thrive. And that’s where we came in.

Our Approach

We're we given the task of creating a successful Google ads campaign that will compete and outperform large advertisers like Vetco. (Owned by Petco)


We integrated a new account architecture, with hyper segmented ad groups, completed in-depth keyword & market research, created compelling updated ad copy, and worked to ensure any traffic was highly qualified traffic.

After a week of intensive market research and campaign set-up, this campaign was live and off to the races. But the hard work definitely paid off as it quickly outperformed the previous campaign's ROI in a matter of only a few weeks.


Our results speak for itself

Here are real numbers from our clients marketing campaign we achieved in 6 months:


Increase in monthly revenue


Increase in click through rate


Qualified clicks to their business


With our marketing efforts, we were able to make an absolute night and day difference to their Google ads performance which led to a drastic increase in new customers for LCVC.

In 2022, Google ads generated LCVC 180,00+ impressions and 27,000 qualified clicks to their business which led them to multiple record-breaking months in monthly revenue.


Below is a screen capture of  LCPV first months campaign performance under the management of Ascentive Digital.


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